In relation to the new form to calculate the index of prices to the consumer, Camacaro shows that: the new form to calculate the IPC, which is regionalising the indicator from an aspiration of academic order, because it says that there are regions where the inflation is major that another one, but in the end all that is going to have to weigh it and there an indicator for each region will settle down, and in the set they are going to remove a more or less similar index because the majority of the prices in the country is determined at national level. And he is the consumer who feels the real attacks of the inflation. Based on the high entrance that this registering by fiscal concept of collection and oil entrance, comments that the oil entrance this being diluted because this not being used for effect of the national growth, apart from which the high costs of the same cause that the prices of transport increase and they are reflected in the products that concern. Camacaro expresses in addition, that: the capital that is forming not this well being used since it is used in paying subsidies, donations, purchase of nourishing consumptions in the outside enters other things, which therefore does not allow that a reproductive nor multiplying effect is generated, and this cause that every time he is greater the shortage of goods . the consequences like the causes are being seen. The policies implemented against the inflation attack is the consequences of the inflation and not to the real problem. The Camacaro economist relates Montero, considers that: From the decade of the 60 for Venezuela has centered its directives through knowing here as it is the demand, forgetting the supply policies, which does that the strategies of growth that in the decade of the 70 had great impact but with a process and inflation that was valued because it was being developed to an industrial complex but that not are giving, but nowadays; what one is attacking the industrial or productive complex that is the one that can increase the supply and cause that the prices lower.


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