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National Museum

-Mauss, M. 1979 1909. To preceded. In r. C. Oliveira (Org.) Anthropology: Marcel Mauss, p. 102-146. Sao Paulo: Atica. -Menezes Bastos, r. J.1990. Festa da Jaguatirica: uma critico-interpretativa score. Doctoral thesis in social anthropology. Sao Paulo: FFLCH-USP. ________. 2000 Ritual, … Continue reading

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Chelyabinsk Art Museum

Is artistic capital of the Southern Urals moved to Arch? Summing up the past year The past year 2009 in the Chelyabinsk region has been marked by many interesting events that are important to the artistic life of the region. … Continue reading

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Museum Emilio Goeldi

It has twenty years the sociedadebrasileira more than and the International took knowledge of the elaboradodurante plain nonsense the military government to install six great hydroelectric plants in the river Xingu, and, in dawn of the democratic system, it obtained … Continue reading