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Being Fired

What if a couple of years you’ll have to hire an employer fire you today? Feeling of loneliness. Former colleagues turned their backs on you? Do not worry, but what they were true friends! Friends must be disinterested. Take a … Continue reading



Therefore it is necessary to consider that option as a rental car. The service "car rental" today was developed in the Ukrainian capital, quite extensively. Car rental is possible in different ways – with a driver without it. Of course, … Continue reading

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National Advice

As authors below, the quantitative analysis is: ' ' As extensive quantitative is more easily ordenvel, over all measurable, cientfico&#039 is preferred by the method; ' (DEMON, 2001, P. 17). According to Snedecor and Cochran (1967), the statistics it deals … Continue reading


Griechentum Nietzsche

Thus, not to the human sort, but to the superman who is the proper overcoming of the morality for a new platform of the freedom, at last, the freedom in Nietzsche is the proper necessity that it impels to the … Continue reading