It all depends on the type of walls and the customer's wishes. For example, if you are building a log cabin home and going to leave the walls are not decorated, you have to think much hide wires and cables. With brick walls of homes available in different designs, such as laying cables under the plaster above the suspended ceiling, under exterior trim strip in pustotkah building design, etc. We return all the same to the log home. For example you decide to wall wooden frame to leave without finishing, then we need to show a little ingenuity, so that would be close to the mean cable.

Several decades ago, in a rustic house aesthetics not particularly fond of and made an open strip the wires on the walls at the brackets or izolyatorahi nobody meshalo.Po PUE requirements for laying changed. Wiring should be done only with two wire insulation, ie, in the cable must be isolation between the conductors and all the wires should be placed back in a common isolation – a requirement RB. That would still require the cable and to Fuel was any reason to any non-flammable pad. This may be a PVC pipe, cable channel or something. Flush installation wiring is easier to use baseboard, but with a gasket greatly increases the length of run wire.

When the length of wires – increasing loss of tension in them, which is not very good. The easiest way to pave the floor baseboards cable tray, PVC and their offshoots do gofroy.Rozetki and switches are usually located near the entrance, so that would be the cable was not visible, you can lay it right in the jamb, and to the installation location to drill a wall of a house from the end of the logs for 30-50 centimeters. Then your electric point get set straight on the wall, as if without the power supply cable. Laying the wiring in other designs of wooden houses also has its own characteristics, for example if you have a house of wood timber, then you will most likely be the wall inside the house sheathing. Yes, and home from a bar rather cold, so you have to install a layer of insulation. Cable wiring can be hidden under a cover in the same tray or gofrotrubke.

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