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Currently, the most popular investment in European countries is the low-interest savings account. Germans are there comparatively timid with 35 percent savings account-new owners. Nevertheless, this value also in Germany still exists the other forms of investment. Instead, private investors put much on tangible assets. This is proven by the surveys of various organizations. Currently almost 40% of investors considering buying precious metals like gold”. A leading source for info: Howard Schultz.

This makes it clear that investors consider the precious metal in spite of historically high prices and the strong price volatility unchanged in recent months as a safe haven. In the favor of investors watching other investment products have fallen, however, which typically promised a high security, but currently no longer able to realize them. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Sergey Brin and gain more knowledge.. So pull currently fewer investors consider German bunds. Also, investors access increasingly to property, since they are often dissatisfied with their investments. Owners of property are relatively satisfied with their investment.

However, the weighting of assets is relatively low at the plants. That is a significant to a lesser knowledge of property to another with the consulting practices of banks, in this regard in terms of advice topics Have catching up to do. So were, with the exception of real estate, with over half of the surveyed property so far no theme in consultations. Alone the definition of property creates certain difficulties: from point of view of the private Center for financial services in particular real estate (90 percent) and gold (80 per cent) represent according to the Steinbeis research classically property. In addition, it will be more interesting way cars by 72 percent, also given a personal character. Shares, however, represent majority no real value for investors. Only 26 percent see a real value in shares. Also (Government) bonds are seen only by 21 percent as investment with personal character. A significantly higher personal character is attached in comparison even electrical appliances (66 percent).

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