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Positive Affirmations

The POWER OF the POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS I knew that Internet was an excellent tool, where you can contact to million people in different places and in seconds, but often passed it losing the time in pages or little productive things; … Continue reading

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Mikheil Saakashvili

What do you associate with the word 'quote'? 1. Utterance of an ancient sage, Confucius like. 2. Book or newspaper epigraph. 3. Topical utterance famous contemporary. We complete the picture: Quotes thinkers, philosophers, politicians, actors, bloggers, presenters, musicians, writers, scientists, … Continue reading

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Prodigal One

They were not lucky – they were not very quick. And he was the only one journalists who managed to get there. After the hurricane disaster area no one is allowed. Hero smiled: "At the time, Simon was very pleased … Continue reading

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Chelyabinsk Art Museum

Is artistic capital of the Southern Urals moved to Arch? Summing up the past year The past year 2009 in the Chelyabinsk region has been marked by many interesting events that are important to the artistic life of the region. … Continue reading

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Wedding Business: The History

Weddings are always playing, because they symbolize a happy life further two people have a family. Of course, weddings in one or another year, was organized in different ways. It's always interesting to know what wedding dresses worn by our … Continue reading

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