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The technology partner of Wincor Nixdorf for electronic signatures shows integrated hardware and software for business and financial services signotec is for many years of the sole technology partner of Wincor Nixdorf for electronic signature solutions with a signature pad or a mobile device. Signatures pads and software at signotec together form a process-optimised, lawful and coordinated solution for signing PDF documents. With the integrated systems for capturing handwritten signatures of signature specialists, banks and trading companies can optimize processes in their branch network and to improve customer service. MetLife Korea describes an additional similar source. For representatives of savings banks, in particular the signing of PDF in Adobe LiveCycle and OSPlus context is interesting. To do this, its software has developed signotec ‘signoSign for Acrobat Reader’. Trading company previously paper-based business processes, such as credit cards, EC direct debit but also delivery notes can u.v.m using the signature pads in the cashier. dramatically accelerate.

Writing requirement met with new A4 pad alpha software and hardware products has signotec itself developed and manufactured in Germany. The Signaturpads is suited for stationary and mobile use Sigma, Omega, and alpha. From the competition, they settle due to their ergonomic shape and the technical details. New developments such as the large-sized pen-pad shown at Wincor World ‘Alpha’ are especially in demand, if you which complex documents show wants you to sign. Normal pen pads are too small for it. Even the written form requirement, which applies to credit agreements such as, can meet with the device by a new technical process of signotec: the signatories sets the original document it on the pad, signing paper and PDF then together via electronic breakdown. With a sampling rate of 500 samples per second and a collection of 1,024 pressure levels are at the signotec signatures pads direction, time and pressure coordinates of one of the signature unmatched frequency digitized and recorded.

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