Roman Empire

When Christ is born, Palestine is occupied land, province of Roman Empire. Therefore the incarnation is playing very concrete realities. Geographical reality, reality Linguistics. Christ does not speak Greek, does not speak latin. Speaks Aramaic or Hebrew.

In any case in more general terms. Even when the evangelists want to give us a very personal touch in the language of Christ, put words ABBA, father, papa and also for example Talitacum (get up girl) does not threaten the Greek version, but the Hebrew. Christ has before Yes, a geography that cannot change. Heat in the summer, cold in the winter, drying, aridity. It is desert. All that room that you called the geography of Palestine.

Therefore, this incarnation is also set as a slogan for the Apostle, the real missionary has to incarnate in this new situation that is presented. You will not be able to change a whack. Even more will have to assume this reality as his own. And it’s hard because we know unconsciously Act from our own parameters. San Francisco Javier, when it comes to Japan, is in contact with the monks. San Francisco Javier is a cult, European, environment the is He graduated in Paris. The Sorbonne. But when it comes to Japan, meets with a very different reality. And a bonzo asks, do you write in a complicated manner?, why write from right to left? And they respond. And why do you write so so rare? Hence, included Javier, who had to adapt, if I wanted to really be an effective apostle. He began as a baby to learn the language from the beginning. This is incarnation. Incarnate in the environment that they will be working. Some missionaries of the 16th century, understood this. Many understood, others are not. They wanted as forcing natives to that to fully assume a culture that was not theirs. Father Jose Acosta, who understood since he arrived to Peruvian coasts, that its task was the incarnation. I.e. fully learn quechua. Completely into the reality of indigenous peoples, and not try to change everything at once, but to see those things that certainly needed a change. And that’s second point redemption.

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