New Products

Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, in January exclusive offers 2010 Teutodefence Germany the new generation of tactical gun cameras for the German public services markets. The tactical cameras serve the documentation and evidence or the enlightenment in inaccessible places. Offered products of the leading American manufacturers: tactical electronics and Pistolcam Inc. tactical electronics VGS 5 the VGS of 5 of weapons an extreme lightweight tactical video camera with laser target device specifically designed for the observation and fighting targets behind barriers (doors, etc.). The transfer of data is done wirelessly and encrypted via radio transmission. The user can see the video images over a tactical bracelet monitor or can be transmitted data wirelessly to other forces, or to the control center, etc.. Pistolcam the Pistolcam is a destination and recording device.

The laser function with built-in camera and microphone is the usage or training documents in real time and then to the PC or laptop to check be played, unless the documentation of use or / and for training purposes. The Pistolcam features a LED white light 120 lumens and a laser of class III. The Pistolcam can record video/stills and audio. The recording is encoded or encrypted, and can be evaluated only by authorized persons. The delivery is carried out only to authorities (article 55 paragraph 1 WaffG) author: Holger Veh address: Teutodefence Germany weser road 225 32547 Bad Oeynhausen phone 05731 79 69 71 E-Mail: Web:


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