Our main activities of this apartment and office moving. Our main competitive advantage is Hourly wages for all work movers Moving from floor to floor, the number of objects, lifting work-for all types of fixed rates. Our park has a different gruzopodemnosti.Vse cars vans are clean and dry with fittings for furniture. If you order the transfer to a small gazelle with two porters who will spend all of the work is not more than 4 hours you pay only 3200rubley! Total 800 rubles chas.I a price that will not change when no elevator or distance pronosov.Vy pay ONLY WASTE OF TIME! For car 3t.20kub.m Bull. 2 longshoreman on the same principle you will pay only 1000rub.v hour.

Our movers “drag out” do not like, and then your move will be made in most periods and szatye with maximum economy of your means. Any relocation of light We do! We also have experience in large-scale pereezdah.Krupnye offices and more than 100 jobs with stores equipment and consumer goods. Inter-city travel, we carry out with the same ease and speed as a moving bed. In our fleet of heavy-enough prepared for the crossing vehicles. Always willing to work any number of movers, riggers with a complete set of tools and equipment.

The company also Moving-OFF organizut for you fast and accurate Summer move cost you just call and describe in detail all property transported to our operator, who will determine how many movers and model of car is suitable for your holiday pereezda.Mashina with porters, according to the customer can drive up already two hours after your call nam.Vash suburban move with us will not be a tedious move Summer will be easy with us you will start to relax at an early stage of your holiday move. If you decide to move from one city to another for permanent residence, the company Moving-off will help you in this. Our experienced movers will come to you first, will deliver all the necessary packing materil.U

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