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a writing and distributing articles.-personally this is the best way to expand your list of readers of your blog; There are many people looking for information on the internet, therefore writing articles and distributing them to the greater amount of articles directories, this will be more exposed and therefore a greater number of people they can read them. It is important that you place a link to your blog in all its articles, so readers can go to his blog, and if the information found on your blog is of interest, in a next opportunity are they directed directly to your blog, not a search engine. (b) have a list of subscribers-definitely today email is the most effective way to communicate with their customers, as well as promote products and services. It is therefore important that you seek by all means, that visitors to his blog, before you go, leave your name and email address, so you can track you and inform you of their new articles. c participate in social networks-social networks have become fashionable in recent times, and do not participate in them, is a synonym of losing readers. Participate in social networks more audience as Facebook and Tweeter, I invite your network to visit and read their articles, never, but never try to sell something through social networks.

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