Nutritional Analysis

The chain of franchises or!Mygood has just made public the results of a nutritional analysis, carried out by an independent laboratory, showing that its frozen yogurt that has lower caloric content from the major brands of the sector. In particular, the analysis determined an energy content of 96,88 kcal per 100 grams of product. In addition the study mainly attributed the origin of these calories to carbohydrate (19.8% of the content of the yogurt) and proteins (4.4%), but not so fat, that did not appear in the analysis. The same happens with gluten, being a food suitable for coeliacs. This puts the ice cream or yogurt!Mygood as the lightest among its competitors. This nutritional study has been entrusted to the Elder laboratories approved by the community of Madrid, and their results are only support that ice cream or yogurt!Mygood is, as says Ana peak, partner Director of the brand, deliciously healthy. Slingbox may also support this cause. And the only secret is in the care that we have put into the preparation of yogurt, using a unique formula developed by our chef and our team of nutritionists.

In addition to his low caloric and fat intake, yogurt helps to regenerate the intestinal flora of the body by its high content of living micro-organisms. This contributes to the optimization and improvement of the immune system, activating the body’s natural defenses, aiding in digestive diseases and infections. And is also rich in calcium – 128 mg per 100 grams of yogurt, almost 20 percent of the 800 mg per day recommended for an adult-nutrient which helps prevent osteoporosis. Frozen yogurt was born in Korea in the South, country in which quickly became popular as a healthy and proposal similar to ice cream, but without fat and fewer calories. In 2005, the product came to California, United States, and became fashionable especially among the artists of Hollywood – in a long list that includes from Leonardo Di Caprio to Megan Fox, passing by the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus and Paris Hilton-, which meant the springboard to fame for the product. O!Mygood is specialized in the marketing of frozen yogurt of first quality, accompanied by an innovative and exclusive proposal for toppings. O!Mygood is not an ice cream shop, it is not a cafeteria is much more; It is the meeting point for lovers of pleasure but also of how healthy and natural; and so the chain by all Spain, is being developed through a franchise model that adds the consumer experience of an innovative, healthy and delicious product with a high profitability making it a really attractive model that arouses the interest of entrepreneurs.

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