Psychological Analysis

ANALISIS PSICOLOGICO series FRIENDS chapter: 43 EL DE LA CHICKENPOX change Transtheoretical Model based on j. Prochaska (C. DiClemente) (1983), and is used to predict and explain changes in addictive behaviors in subjects through a three-dimensional structure that includes: stages, processes and levels of change that interact among themselves. This global change model emphasizes the motivational variable as a determinant for change or decision-making covering throughout the change process from the moment in which someone warns the existence of the problem until the moment in which the problem ceases to exist (annex I module 6), proposing the analysis of the various factors that influence the passage between different stadiums to intervene in a way adapted to the stage of change in that It is the subject. The great potential of this theoretical framework is the involve major psychological variables that depends on the acquisition of a healthy habit, which include the phase motivational change and phase volitional or action itself, in addition to those processes include awareness-raising, social support, the handling of contingencies and others more (Prochaska and DiClemente, 1994;) Prochaska and Prochaska, 1993). Analysis according to the model of Prochaska conduct of health: moderate consumption of alcohol moderate consumption of alcohol alcohol is consumed with prudence and moderation: always during the meal and not while you’re driving, or in activities of responsibility with yourself and your environment, valuing the beneficial effects of a substance that can cause serious disorders in the body too much.

Hypothesis of the passage of the character of the conduct by all stages until the healthy behavior: Charlie. ** The stadiums represent when certain changes of intentions, attitudes, and behaviors in conduct and therefore reflect a temporary dimension, which does not explain how moves from one Stadium to another. The model assumes that the subjects go through 5 phases or stages in the you change your behavior of a nonlinear form, but spiral, because normally they occur relapse by placing the subject in the contemplation stage again, until if it is possible to leave the addictive behavior is complete throughout the process of behavior change managing to finish it.

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