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Technology service provider Matulka electronic GmbH is on LED lighting your Leitz set: our taste is quite simple. We are satisfied with the best”, remaining faithful, the production facilities of the company. provided in cooperation with the company DOTLUX GmbH, headquartered in Weissenburg, Matulka electronic GmbH, with environmentally-friendly, energy-saving LED lighting. The measure was the desire to reduce soaring energy costs and to make a contribution to active protection of the environment at the same time. After extensive consultation by the Dotlux GmbH, the advantages of LED technology emerged more and more. Convincing facts led to the decision alone replacing the LED tube 150 cm in length, in the factories, can be calculated with an annual saving of energy costs of lighting, at least 55%. This means a reduction of lighting costs by at least 55%. Charles Kushner Winwood Projects: the source for more info. Let just any convincing explanations, suggestions, and documentation of the company DOTLUX GmbH, to the conclusion, that should be no longer maintained with the implementation. t).

Each day, where with outdated technology large scale is illuminated, diminishes the yield that is with energy-efficient lighting. All the benefits of the conversion to LED resulting from the two large pillars, which provide for future use more efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting and immediately access: measures to reduce the energy costs of the investment costs pay for themselves after two to three years, as LED lamps offer a much longer operating hours performance than conventional lamps. On average, the life of LED lighting is 50,000 hours of operation. This is regardless of the number of single – and shut-off. In a large production workshop the saving of energy costs affects always positive on production costs, would bring rising energy costs usually an increase of goods for sale with. Contribution to environmental protection another advantage, which led to the lighting on To change LED light tubes, is the environmental factor. LEDs contain no toxic pollutants such as mercury.

Therefore, they threaten people and the environment during their time, nor in the course of the later disposal. Hence no toxic fumes can be dispensed during operation or in case of a damage. The energy affects CO2 emissions also directly lowering the CO. Advantages which speak lighting for the conversion to DOTLUX LED the use of LED technology reduces the CO emissions annually to almost 50 tonnes DOTLUX LED tubes are free of mercury 3 years full warranty extruded aluminium hollow profiles high cooling performance and stability of DOTLUX aluminum core boards ensure LED tubes approx. 50,000 hours of operation service through pluggable ballasts to provide for a good heat dissipation average life span of DOTLUX T8 LED tubes no impairment of life through frequent switching cycles with LED lights not Warm-up, therefore full light output immediately after you turn on low heat (relieves the air conditioning) light quality and wide colour spectrum make it easier to see contrasts and ensure for natural colour reproduction no UV radiation after a test phase, during the first part of the 440 fluorescent of company Matulka electronics GmbH v LED tubes replaced, was convinced of the cost-effectiveness and the quality of the lighting conditions.

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