Heatsensitive Foods

Mobile coolers keep meat, fish and drinks is the summer fresh finally here! That makes you want to a trip into the countryside with cool drinks and delicious meat for grilling. But heat in the Blazing Sun temperature sensitive foods such as salads threaten to spoil sausages and grilled meats. There is no refrigerator nearby, mobile coolers serve as a practical substitute. High temperatures accelerate the spoiling of meat, because micro-organisms under such conditions recolonization. However, cooling slows down this development. Therefore, the cold chain should not be interrupted and can be maintained for the preparation of food with help of coolers. However, not every cooler can provide the expected performance.

Many coolers come at high ambient temperature very quickly on their border. Before the purchase you should make sure therefore what may make the cooler and endure. Passive coolers that work with cold packs are purchased often quickly, without to have actually set apart with the cooling function. They are the cheapest variant of the mobile cooler, but also the one with the shortest cooling capacity, as the aforementioned cold packs on hot summer days quickly heat up. In contrast, powered coolers work much better. But also here the achievements in technology and cooling function differ. Powered coolers are semi anechoic, compressor or Thermoelectrics operated and can be often both mobile via the vehicle battery, as well as at home, on the balcony or in the garden of the House power used. Absorber – and thermoelectric coolers to cool the contents between 20 and 30 C below the ambient temperature.

But beware: In the summer, temperatures inside the vehicle can reach more than 50 C. Compressor coolers are recommended for regular use and high demands on the cooling performance. Up to-18 c – cool regardless of the outside temperature. The freeze is for Meat or even fish the gentlest and most effective method to keep them fresh for long. Because at low temperatures stops bacteria proliferation. This investment is worthwhile: the compressor cooler protects the vehicle battery, is extremely durable (also on boats can be used) and will last for many years.

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