Long Live The Republic

To read the second part Ernesto Sbato: The cultural process is a process of domestication that cannot be carried out without revolt on the part of the nature animal, anxious for freedom. When in some corner of Colombia or of the world is listened to a whale calf which really is being expressed is a mixture of the three more important cultures of America: the accordion boasts of its European origin, since certain day leaves from Germany, crosses the Atlantic and arrives at beaches of the Guajira and there, guided by the poetic vein of Francisco the Man to the towns of all the Coast where, since then, he is the inseparable companion of those who sings to him to the life, the love and the nature. Credit: Stuart Solomon-2011. The Box it initiates its trip in Africa, from where it came to accompany nostalgia by those who was violently taken of his terruo and by its tranquillity. It arrives in company of the slaves but one becomes frees in his new mother country where it immediately happens to be an inestimable element of the regional identity. By its part the guacharaca is the host of the other instruments, humblest seemingly, but the owner of a special cadence and a singular, representing rate of the indigenous blood in music with which Carlos You live put to dance world in recent years half.

The whale calf is only an example of the cultural sincretismo of our towns, one of the recognized wealth less in the process of formation of the colombianidad in its one hundred eighty and eight years of republican life. Another example of our diversity is the gastronomy. The experts agree in indicating to narrow bonds between foods and the culture: the European wheat, the Asian rice and the maize American Hindu. Where the three are joined grains are united also its historical and cultural roots, like in the north of Colombia, for example. Thus the things our Colombian Caribbean is indigenous but not only indigenous; he is brown but not only brown; he is white but not only white; he is black but not only black.

The region where Rodrigo de Bastidas took his first steps like conqueror and where Admiral Padilla made strong, it is a piece of the world in that world has taken its roots through the coexistence and of the pacific coexistence of the races previously mentioned and also of others, represented with dignity and prestancia by working and full individuals of virtues for commercial interchange like the Arabs and the Jews. In spite of the conflicts that these last racial groups have in their places of origin, have wisely coexisted with mutual respect in the North coast of Colombia.


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