Frederick Edwords

Of not to have returned, perhaps not it could to express what today manifest on important that is to know how to take advantage of every minute and to undertake all those actions favor that us in our growth, that provides this and most important one, than we are generated to others without causing it to them sufferings, dependency. When returning to the routine to which he was customary I have perceived as we wasted our time, we let ourselves catch by illusions that often produce loss of time, frustrations, negativismo, waste of opportunities. It interprets the reach, the repercussions of not knowing how to take the opportunity to live, like towards constantly, today more than ever I valorize the minutes and I worry the knowledge to take advantage of the time in everything what involves the growth, personnel, especially the spiritual, in carrying out my different rolls that I exert like person, from the family, friendship, works and mainly the individual one, the one that the suitable handling of my emotions guarantees to me, feelings everything for my evolution. The experienced salary that situation has generated a radical change in many mistaken perceptions where the superficial thing acted, where simply it let to me catch by the illusions, the transitory thing and I worry more to always optimize the use of the time that are provided to me, based on my personal development fortifying spirit which I consider is most transcendental Is a beautiful poem that reflects what I have wanted to express: It watches east day! , Because it is the life, the same life of the life, In their brief course Lies all the truths and realities of your existence: The ecstasy of the growth the glory of the action the splendor of the profit Because it is not but a dream yesterday and the morning is only one vision, But the good today lived does of every yesterday a dream on happiness and every morning a hope vision. Good sight, therefore, this day! So it is the greeting of the dawn. The good times for me Frederick Edwords says to us, are in the present time, but it could also have been back and being as pleasant it remembered as them, if then it had had the life philosophy that I have now. In the personnel, my philosophy is to know how to take advantage of every minute, not to pospone anything, because if tomorrow I will be present, I am not due to intensely live the opportunity that is bequeathed to me and mainly in each action that I generate favors to all it invites, them to wake up of the enchantment of the illusions, of the hypnosis of many stimuli that catch to us, jail and they do not let to us live intensely. Present Tenlo. original Author and source of the article.


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