Digital Network ISDN

(Integrated Services Digital Network) ISDN is a technology evolved from the telephone network of RDI (Integrated Digital Network) copper pair cabling, this gives digital connections from one side to another providing a wide range of services through interfaces standardized for customers. This system integrates digital and voice data in the same structure. ISDN (ISDN) is a type of connection called BISDN working under the broadband line, being able to merge both services thanks to the technology of optical fiber opteniendo higher speeds. This technology has great quality and high speeds that work under the flexibility of the service of the telephone network. This system has several uses in the world of communication the most important being the connection to the internet among others.

The broad need to transfer data and multimedia content requires faster internet connections, being this system capable of working with large volumes and giving fewer errors in content downloads. The speed is 64 Kbps (Channel B) and 16 Kbps (channel D) with the user having the combination of channels 128 Kbps being faster than a 28.8 Kbps modem. ISDN technology ensures a higher quality internet connection. Basic service (BRI) interface is intended for home and small business and primary rate (PRI) for large users interface. Each tariff has a number of specific channels for the transmission of services. The ADSL line for homes and businesses are a bandwidth of 256 Kbps and 2 Mbps being the difference from the 128 Kbps from its two-channel ISDN technology, the latter is more expensive. ISDN channels may not come to meet all the demands of the users even though it has features quite optimal for certain group of users. Connection speed and their rates make ADSL a perfect choice because their rates are consistent with the line contracted by the client. To study the adsl offers and most attractive connections for the consumer, there is a web comparative adsl with all necessary and useful information to be able to surf the net with the package that most resembles our needs.

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