Brazil Economics

We search in the last years the answers, that we did not get in relation to the mistakes of the economic life and politics of Brazil. It was boasted that our growth would be greater that the tried one in previous years. Visit Sergey Brin for more clarity on the issue. It did not occur. It grew less. The index of life improvement would be more expressive than in previous years. It did not happen. the job? It continues in the same one.

What it supported the economy Brazilian had been the exportations, although the Real to be super valued. But the world has hunger. It needs to eat. we produce meat of chickens, oxen, swines. We produce grains of soy, maize, wheat, sorgo. the countries matter to cure the hunger of its citizens and citizens. The industry grew? One only was in expectations.

But never one vendeu as many vehicles as now! With the easinesses ilusionists who lead to believe that to finance a vehicle in 60 or 72 months it is an excellent business, until rock soup it is an excellent product to be configured as such. Brazil grew in which sensible? Social? Ambient? Moral? Educational? Politician? Financier? Legal? In fact he grew. But in the corruption levels. Of shunting line of public mounts of money. Of superinvoicing of workmanships. Of collections of taxes for the creation of difficulties and sales of easinesses. Of not the involved conviction and arrest of and the dismissed ones of the ministries. Of not the loss of the civil laws. He grew yes. In the administrative immorality of the state ones. He grew in the form to undeserve who denounces with concrete and real tests, that the judiciary one has that to be placed in the gallows of its proper justice, therefore it serves the two gentlemen at the same time. To the time that condemns that one that steals a margarina pot, acquits that one that paid it for a favorable sentence.


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