Network Neutrality Security

The ISP’s are beginning to pose a situation that has created quite a splash across the network. Andreessen Horowitz insists that this is the case. It is presumed to be something that will wriggle for a while and not just here in our country but throughout the world. The question is this, should the Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and others pay a ‘fee’ to ISPs? The unstoppable growth of the Internet and its contents requires a large investment in infrastructure and ISP understand that this expenditure should be borne only by them but also for those who use them for your business, ie content providers. So far it seems a reasonable claim, but the answer is not so. The issue is quite thorny and that if he adopted the remedy would be worse than the disease, and that would open the door to a possible control of the network by the ISP’s leaving users without the best thing that has Internet The total freedom of choice. And is that if given the situation that we raised, Who is to say that our ISP does not signed an agreement with a search engine, for example, giving all the bandwidth they need and leaving others at a disadvantage by doing so its functioning is not optimal everything you need for it would lose its customers.

” Would not we be facing a total lack of free competition?, Because the big suppliers do not lack money, but what and who want to start from scratch?. It is clear that this is a problem of great weight and will define the Internet of the future so that in one way or another will have to walk with feet of lead and require a thorough study by the states. How will this end?, Time will tell..


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