Anthropological Analysis

Analysis of the explicit thing of the text The announcement presents/displays a personage to us, Joe Camel (a camel) like absolute protagonist, appears in the central part of the announcement. In the part superior it appears the text presented/displayed in alive colors, with predominance of the yellow and the red one, on blue bottom, that remembers the fire and the heat (in the ignited legs of the camel) the passion, the pleasure. There are no rigid forms, the letters are irregular, asymmetric (without norms) that an unmannerliness character prints, independence, adventure, rupture of norms. One is us a horrified camel falling from the highest skyscraper and with the open mouth.

The perspective and the taking cause that we see the buildings that it has around. It is an impressive, spectacular image, that marks an extreme situation on a map. Llama the attention of the spectator by its originality. The key word that NEVER appears in the first place of the message, transmits a message of imperatividad, with enfatizadora intention and of property. In the central part of the announcement, the logo of the mark in the left part can be seen. In the part inferior of the announcement, form in ordinary letter, on white bottom and occupying a mini part of the total space, the obligatory legal slogan: ” The Sanitary Authorities Notice that the tobacco harms the Salud.” seriously;. In the message it appears the word Camel, the mark. It appears at no moment neither the cigarette, nor the tobacco package, reason why a strategy very common is used to announce products that are prohibited or that are detrimental: it is spoken of them through symbolic images, and so, when not being the product, it is not possible to be blamed to them to harm the law.


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