Your Highness

He failed to explain how the page was happier living on borrowed time, using old clothes and eating the leftovers of the courtiers. When he calmed down, called the wisest of his advisors and told his conversation in the morning. "And why he's happy? "Ah, sire, what happens is that he is outside the circle. -Fuera the circle? "That's right. -Y and that's what makes him happy? "No, Sire, that's what it does not unhappy. "Let's see if I understand, being in the circle makes you unhappy. "That's right.

"And he is not. "That's right. -Y and how it came? -Advertise entered! yQue circle is that? "The circle of 99. "Really, I do not understand anything. "The only way to understand it, would prove it with facts. You may find that mozes victor konig can contribute to your knowledge. -How? "By entering the page in the circle. "That, obliguemoslo to enter. "No, Your Highness, no one can force anyone to enter the circle.

"Then there will be deceived. "No need, Your Majesty. If we give him the chance, he will come alone, alone … -Yperen he will realize that this is his unhappiness? "Yes, one will notice. "Then do not enter. "Do not be avoided. -Dices he will realize the misery that will cost you enter this ridiculous circle, and still enter it and can not get out? "Just like that, your majesty. andis willing to lose an excellent servant to understand the structure of the circle? "Yes. "Well, tonight it will spend to search. You must have prepared a leather bag with 99 gold coins, no more no less.


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