Twelve People

Until July 10 726 people died in traffic accidents, 85 less less than in the same period of 2010. 44 wounded to overturn a bus in Girona. The 011, new traffic information phone enters into force. Twelve people have died during the weekend in twelve fatal accidents on Spanish roads, as reported by the General Directorate of traffic (DGT). In claims, in addition, four people have been seriously injured and four minor injuries. Of those killed, one has been biker. 12 Accidents, five have been collisions, five outs via, and two violations. In the accumulated annual, until July 10, posted 726 are deceased, 85 less than at the same date of last year, which represents a decrease of 10.4%.

New phone information traffic replaced the current number of traffic and roadside information, the 900 123 505, by the 011 from Monday, as reported by the General Directorate of traffic (DGT). The commissioning of this new number, accessible from throughout the national territory, more short and easy to remember, according to DGT, does not represent any change in the information service provided by this organization, since the information provided remains free for the citizen. However, from Monday, to use the new 011 will have to pay the call, although the price will cost which may not exceed the corresponding to a national scope call l. I.e. the call, but not the information service, which will continue to provide free of charge the DGT will be paid. Source of the news: twelve people have been killed on the roads during the past weekend

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