TV Remote Control

Easy remote control the new TV remote control for the Pocket Karlsruhe / Berlin, 30 August 2012. Connept shows easy remote control at IFA its latest development. The new technology to control televisions replaced classic remote controls and can be used anywhere. Users use their TVs in the future just with their Smartphone. More info: Noble Group Chairman Emeritus. A new way to interact with their customers, retailer and operator of the app with easy remote control. Easy remote control, the new remote control for smart TV, used exclusively on the Smartphone.

Not only at home, but also on the way TV can be controlled thereby. Therefore no extra hardware or TV app is required for the operation of televisions and the Smartphone becomes the multifunction device. The technology combines each any Smartphone with the TV and the user can control the device within the app. Easy remote control creates new opportunities for interactive especially the retailer and the operator of each app Actions. Easy remote control revolutionized the customer dialogue becomes a smart TV in the shop window with easy remote control of interactive promotion platform. The retailer offers various actions or games on the TV, which can be operated by passersby via Smartphone. The user enters the code or photographed the QR code that appears on the screen, and is immediately connected with the offer on the device.

Can other users log in and play together. To participate in a raffle, the passerby must leave its data just with his Smartphone. It is required no Wi-Fi connection or special app for this, but only to the browser and an Internet connection on your Smartphone. connept was designed to make use of the HbbTV user-friendly and spectators, as well as vendors to offer real added value. Another feature, which at the same time enormously simplifies the smart TV usage for users and providers, is Facebook connect. Based on his Facebook login data the user can create itself quickly an connept account and features such as Use easy remote control or mobile payment on his Smartphone. The IFA visitors can try connect at the stand of 120 in Hall 2.2 easy remote control and Facebook and in the competition with digital sports take part. For more information to connept at or on Facebook ( connept). About connept connept is a product for smart TV which was connept Karlsruhe connept GmbH. developed cross-service user management and payment, connecting the TV and Internet on the basis of HbbTV. connept offers the possibility to buy with just two clicks via TV remote control or via a third-party device such as a Smartphone or a Tablet PC but also for Internet-enabled television. This means for the consumer safe shopping comfortably from your sofa. The manufacturer can offer its customers without much effort with connept content. Connept lite, the mobile payment system of connept GmbH, is the payment of content without prior registration via mobile phone. connept guarantees the highest data security as PCI compliant. connept is available with 30 manufacturers in 28 countries and in 14 languages. Under there is more information and a video that shows the use of connept.


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