Personality See

When Ud acquires a perfume or a fragrant oil beyond what indicate you your Visual or olfactory senses, there is one aspect that rarely takes into account that it is the personality. The majority of traders, we would say perfumers, take into account the first factors that impact, which attracts the person who is going to buy the product they have more to do with the visual and as said earlier with certain senses, but when analyzing the why true, we find that individuals have certain traits of our personality rooted and others who are not so which are rather temporary or circumstantial, that emotions are called. When we choose certain objects, not only we chose them because they are cute or because it draws us to his appearance, image, figure u like, do so because there is an aspect of our personality that resonates with that particular object and produces an effect of empathy that leads to wanting to acquire it or possess it. There are many aspects of our psychology that are still little explored, and if it is that we find an answer in this respect will be given with a too scientific content or difficult to understand for the common person. We want to express is that in our case, as interested in some deeper aspects of personality related to the Perfume, the scents and fragrances, we need to know that there are several factors to take into account when we prepare our stock of perfumes and fragrances, and among them: our personality, the kind of diet we do our body chemistry, our skin type, sensitivity to products that compose perfumes that purchase, the time of day in which we use them, to the station of the year, solar activity, our physical activity, our emotional to certain scents sensibility and our reactions to them unconscious.


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