Line Fishing

Here rescues friction brake inertialess coil. Need to adjust it to some force that allows the use of thin fishing line, because the fish are very careful, and put out a very strong pulls large specimens. That came to fish out of water extracted with podsacheka not to damage the gear. In catching a beetle has its own features. At dusk or when the lure classifies under low hanging branches over the water trees or shrubs, the beetle is not visible.

Strike when necessary surge or pulling a fishing line. Typically, the largest specimens come across in such conditions. It so happens that the fish is kept far from the shore. To throw back a bug, it is necessary on the line above the hook to fix the hollow clear float, half filled with water. Float with a bright color would not recommend, because it scares the fish. If it does not float, you can use a piece of a branch five centimeters in length and one to two centimeters in diameter. By splitting one end, fasten it on the line 30 – 40 inches from the hook.

He caught me once with a small bridge. Beetle dismissed the stream and catching all the space from one to the other side. Caught two chub. The weather was solar, water – clear, all clear. To the right of the bridge started a bank, and reached almost to the middle of the river and ended at 80 meters below the bridge. Clearly visible difference in depth. Throwing a few bugs in the water, watched them. Sailed to the border broke, they were gone. Since the stock of fishing line on the reel is not enough, I had to come down from the bridge. Going ashore, again gave up the tackle. Beetle swam to the hole and disappeared. The next moment I felt such a strong kick that barely kept the rod in his hand. The line hangs. Podmotav it, make sure that the line broke and the 0.25 cut off the hook. I remembered that I forgot to reduce friction brake coil, and it is on my gear was set up in fishing line 0.30 mm. Then I put the spool and line diameter of 0.30 mm. and tying a new hook, threw another bug. Followed by the same power stroke. Friction brake coil screamed and managed to utyanut big fish about ten yards of line before it was stop. After a long struggle dragged to shore nearly chetyrehkilogrammovogo asp. Biting period for the May beetle short duration, the peak of his accounts at a time when the beetles begin to fall to the ground. Typically, this during the flowering gardens. But even later, picking up from the ground already dead bugs, I was able to extend this exciting fishing. Although fish are not so willing to take on the fixed and dried beetle. There is a fishing journal, this article is for this magazine. I wish you all the very doyurogo!

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