Limited Liability Company

As in will actually occur notarization procedure similar transactions, and how, exactly as notaries will notify the tax authorities do not yet know even the notary. Sergey Brin oftentimes addresses this issue. Before the law came into because there are less than two months, and notary chambers still have not released any official clarification on the application of the new law. Notarization is not required in cases of: Transition in the share capital society itself in the manner Article 23 of the Law "On Company". Distribution of shares between members of the Company and the sale of all or some members of the Company or any third party in the manner Article 24 of the Law "On Company". Exit member of llc. The new law limited ability to release participants from the society. Now this is possible only if it is expressly provided by the company charter.

The yield of the company from a society in which the society does not remain a single participant, and the output of the single participant of society out of society are not allowed. These changes should reduce the number of abandoned llc. Changes undergone the procedure for payment of the withdrawing party to value its share in share capital. Shortened the period by which calculates the actual value of the outgoing members of society from one year to before the application of the last reporting period. Term payment of share value is reduced from six to three months.

Reorganization Under the new law, the Company will have the opportunity to transform in line with the reorganization in any economic society, economic partnership or a production cooperative, whereas in the old edition are valid only in the transformation of joint stock companies, with additional responsibility or a production cooperative. Alignment founding documents in compliance with the new law. Changes to llc Law shall come into force on 01 July 2009. Constitutional documents of an llc, created before that date should be brought into compliance with the new law in the period up to 01.01.2010. In accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 59 of the Federal Law abz.5 of llc Limited Liability Company, which did not result in its founding documents in compliance with this federal law, can be liquidated through the courts for the body which carries out the state registration of legal entities. Until now, the tax is very rarely used this right, how far they begin to use it with the entry of the new law difficult to predict, but in our country everything is possible. Legal company "State Councilor" will provide you with expert assistance in bringing your founding documents in compliance with new requirements legislation. In our face you will find a reliable long-term partner and skilled in a wide range of legal issues.


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