Interesting Innovation

Most of us, so happened with the word "repair" is associated laying floors, installation of new window profiles and replacement of electrical and so forth. All, but not design, construction of an apartment or house in such a way so that decorative elements helped break from the problems and stress, and colors of walls does not get tired to please the eye. Stretch ceilings for our fellow countrymen are interesting innovation in the building. Stretch ceilings are able to visually enlarge the room and let you experiment with the installation of lighting fixtures. Stretch ceilings France – it stretches less than "native" ceiling polyester film, it spanned a distance of 3 cm parallel to the ceiling and fixed skirting around the perimeter. Depending on your goals pursued by suspended ceilings will give you a nice lighting in your home or apartment due to special Technology (translucent suspended ceilings), a visual increase your living space (lac suspended ceilings, with a mirror effect).

Any designer's idea can bring to life suspended ceilings with metal effect, made in different colors: bronze, silver and gold. Comparing with other types of decorative suspended ceilings and repairs easier and have a list of pluses: they are water and dust, noise and insulation, and are characterized by poor combustibility. Producers of this element of decoration is currently in the market there are many, and his goods are sold not only foreign companies and firms, but also domestic. Stretch ceilings are made in Russia, speaking objectively, foreign somewhat inferior in style and execution can not offer the end user all the great range of colors, which offer suspended ceilings, France. Can also be assured that each will be able to pick up a stretch ceiling prices that vary depending on the color of stretch film (white or color) and material (the material is refined, to the ceiling price). Stretch ceilings in the apartment, in other words, bring not only a sense of renewal as a result of a perfect repair, but also give the calm and comfort, and which needs every one of us.


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