Tens of thousands of demonstrators have gone out the new Friday in Syria to demand the exit of the president, Bachar Asad, according to witnesses and activists. Although the regime continues realising massive haltings and repressing with hardness any attempt of opposition, the displeasures have left by thousands in Damascus and cities like Homs and Hama (center), or Deraa, where the protests three months ago began. Some people have been hurt when abrir fire the security forces to disperse to the demonstrators in Kessoua, to few kilometers to the south of the capital, according to France Presse. The marches take place a day after 1,500 Syrians crossed the border until Turkey to flee from the Army of You roast, that unfolded cars battle to put under the rebellious province of Idlib (the northwest). Source of the news: : Tens of thousands of Syrians defy in the streets to You roast


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