Barrier-free Information For All

GWW puts all of the online content in easier language to Reutlingen / Gartringen (31.08.2012). The redesigned website of the nonprofit workshops and Wohnstatten GmbH (short: GWW) make light language allows its visitors at any time. ds that this is vital information. This voluntary, innovative measure, the non-profit company underlines its nationwide as a role model, not only in terms of services and products, but also in its information policy. Founded by 17 organisations and institutions, non-profit society people allows an equal participation in social life with disability. In the districts of Boblingen and Calw, maintains the GWW, close 20 facilities and allows it to engage in more than 1000 people with disabilities employment. There are nearly 350 places available in their dormitories.

Nearly 700 employees accompany while supporting people with disabilities and offer needs-based assistance. In their workshops, the GWW offers highest Quality standards and acts as a reliable partner for leading industry company. In its social responsibility, their quest for an equitable social participation for people with disabilities, the GWW attaches great importance to education and therefore barrier-free access to its online services for all people. The company in the implementation of barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV) is a pioneer in this respect. To achieve this, the new website of the GWW in addition to common language also in easier language was written. So, all information should be people with learning difficulties or mental handicaps understandable and easily available. The barrier-free information technology Regulation (BITV) says that the clearest and simplest language should be used for any content that is appropriate.” Not official offers are not affected by this regulation.

For this reason, access to information in the Federal Republic in comparison to other States with high barriers is connected. The GWW wants to send a signal and therefore informed themselves and their offerings in light language. Mild language should follow some simple rules.


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