Being Fired

What if a couple of years you’ll have to hire an employer fire you today? Feeling of loneliness. Former colleagues turned their backs on you? Do not worry, but what they were true friends! Friends must be disinterested. Take a look: there are so many people who are even worse than you. Help them and you will not be so lonely. Resentment and revenge. Are you sure that you have been kicked out unfairly? But what sense to build the diabolical plans of revenge? Easier to do this, you probably will not become. And how do you lose? Perhaps the best way to prove the injustice: to become a master number one in the new place? Anger and hatred around the world.

In fact, it’s not the world is angry at you and you are angry at the world. Your anger and hostility deter those who might help you. Pull yourself together and look at others differently. So, no matter for what reason you now find themselves without work, the main thing – to be able to learn from this situation all the benefits and 10 steps to a new stage of life. Therefore, engage in the following ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts.’ Do not relax! This is no time for rest. Observed: the more days pass after the dismissal, the harder to find work. Do get up at the usual time, have breakfast, take a shower. Make a rough outline of their actions: where and how you’re going to look for work. Should you go on courses to improve their skills or acquire new knowledge?


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