National Advice

As authors below, the quantitative analysis is: ' ' As extensive quantitative is more easily ordenvel, over all measurable, cientfico&#039 is preferred by the method; ' (DEMON, 2001, P. 17). According to Snedecor and Cochran (1967), the statistics it deals with techniques to collect, to analyze and to sketch conclusions of data. Thus, it assists works in any area of the knowledge that uses research quantitative. Such research widely is worried in congregating and prosecuting comments or measures made for planned experiments, questionnaires, writings of sample of particular cases or for search of works published on some problems. The data had been gotten by ways of interview, where you doubt they had been cured them and presented analyses techniques on the debated subject and research in sites had been also carried through as: National agency of Petrleo (ANP), National Advice of the Environment (CONAMA), National Union of the Industry of the Rerrefino de leos Minerais (SINDIRREFINO), Brazilian Association of Normas Tcnicas (ABNT)? NBR n 10004/04, making possible a general vision of as the companies manage logistic reversa, for the return of the discarded materials after the use, that is today the great world-wide concern with the preservation of the environment. 4.Problema the Brazilian Association of Norms Techniques, classifies the used lubricative oil with the code of identification ' ' F130? Dangerous residue? I&#039 classroom; ' , with characteristic of danger T (toxic). (ABNT, 2004) the used or contaminated lubricative oil, for not being biodegradvel, takes sets of ten of years to disappear of the environment and when discarded, cause improperly great damages, for example: 01 liter of used or contaminated lubricative oil can contaminate 1 million of liters of water, m contaminates 1,000 of watery surface (it forms a toxic layer superficial that makes it difficult the ticket of light and the exchanges of oxygen, cause the fall of the aquatic photosyntheses and the death of the fauna and the flora) the contaminated water easily is absorbed by the organisms and kills everything to its return.


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