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Training of specialist computer scientists must comply with the technical and demographic change the effects of demographic change make noticeable also in the public administration. According to the Prognos study Demografieorientierte personnel policies in the public administration”by December 2009, more than fifty percent of management employees are retiring from public service in the next twenty years. As it applies to control. The local data center in Minden/Ravensburg from Lemgo (krz”) has recognized the signs of the times and has relied on external, highly effective training. The considerable cost associated is no longer stop unless it leads to declines in the quality of the future specialist by a single company in the public sector. High training costs and the persistent shortage have moved back in 2004 whose responsible, to a cooperation with the Siemens Professional Education (SPE) in Paderborn, Germany. This is confirmed also Bcc “Managing Director Reinhold Harnisch, understands the financial application for a training with the PES as a real profit: the effort to send our trainees to Paderborn pays for itself quickly.

So much less need to invest locally. The mediations of krz”know why they always put on the SPE: a campus-like, learning-promoting environment, with modern equipment equipped class rooms and PC labs, teaching offer without failures and homogeneous classes with same profession bring a diversity and quality in the game, which can realize a single company of managing public never alone. The PES has also a State-recognized vocational school, the ATIW (training centre for technology, information processing and economy) with. The participation in the ATIW replaced the attended of the public schools of professional on-site. So also the theoretical content of occupations are taught in Paderborn, during the practice phase goal-oriented in the respective companies of krz”take place. On these Highly concentrated knowledge transfer offers for the krz”as well as the trainees undertaking of the public sector not only benefits the know-how and high quality, but certainly also in terms of costs.

Skills that are only taught after graduating from employees, generate, however, experience has shown that higher costs. A strategic approach to education and training is therefore clear more and more for the characteristic of a forward-looking economy, industry, as well as public administration.

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