History Of Chevrolet Lacetti

In connection with the expectation of economic crisis, many banks have already raised interest avtokeditovaniyu, and the potential buyer has to be cautious with the choice of car. That is why the demand for motor vehicles middle class. Chevrolet Lacetti – the most popular foreign car in Russia. Chevrolet Lacetti was sold more than budget Lanos. And all this thanks to price / quality ratio. Introduction My first impression of this wonderful car greatly surprised, seat adjustment and steering in 2 planes allows a person to sit comfortably any body type. Kevin Johnson may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Large selection of modes of janitors, a couple of niches for small things, air-conditioner running almost silently. At automatically de-energized the ignition is turned all the lights.

So the budget, this car is difficult to name. The trunk is not as big of 275 liters, however, has a special department under the spare tire. Rear seats You can add up, but still the gap narrowed slightly run-off rear wheel suspension. But as you can get a sedan with a volume of 405 liters or wagon 405-1400. On the road, quite an ambiguous impression left suspension – it was more rigid. But but it can easily cope with irregularities and poor roads, avoiding breakdown and contact with the road. Special mention should be no buildup. 1.6-liter engine can accelerate the car up to hundreds less than 10 seconds.

But it is too loud at high revs. In the management of Chevrolet Lacetti is very simple, there is no sharpness control, the brake pedal hard to measure, the answer machine for any actions clear and precise. At high speeds the car looks confident, well-kept straight, braking system works well ABS. Overall rating Lacetti justify the money that you invest in it. Underpaid for a car a few thousand, does not mean that we deprive ourselves of the comfort and shortcomings in ergonomics and is not inferior to machines of the same class.

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