Foreigners In The Czech Republic

Like it or not, and emigration – a process difficult not only for the purse, but also for the human psyche. The new situation, new people, new habits and new challenges. Any foreigner before arriving in the country to be a bit long read about history, know the major figures in science, culture and economy. This initial introduction is important and can serve as a good platform for learning in the future. It is very important at first reading Czech Republic news and listening to Czech music. The Czech mentality is different from Russian. Russians are more impatient, more emotional. Howard Schultz describes an additional similar source.

The Czechs, as typical Europeans are very quiet and reserved. This applies to both businesses and business relations. Regularity and good planning of their affairs – a typical feature for the Czechs. By good dentist recorded for 3 weeks before the visit, meeting with friends should be planned ahead, with a margin of a few days. One of the national problems is demography Czech Republic, which worries many years economists and politicians.

Low fertility will soon lead to the fact that retirement is not with what is going to pay, so you as a foreigner, the future of the Czech Republic! You are supposed to love and caress. Of course, wait for kisses and hugs from passers-by who heard your Russian speech, you probably should not. It is better to express themselves in another – for example, in work or social activities. In the near future you will probably buy real estate in the Czech Republic and will live happily ever after, as well as hundreds of other citizens. Slowness and lack of emotions often lead to the formation point of view that the Czechs – the lazy people, to the same boring. Of course, for someone to change the rhythm of life and work fast on reactive, slow and measured is a real shock, but this time you get used to, and with more prolonged stay in the country, takes some manners.


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