Foreign Nationals

Extended in Prague visa of any type, category and status. For foreigners under the laws of the Czech Republic and Czech police requirements for foreign nationals to extend the period long-term visa status view permit is 120 days before the visa expires and no later than 14 days before the expiration of the visa. Mandatory presence when renewing visas specified in the Czech legislation creates a lot of problems for citizens who want to extend a visa, but do not want to spend time and money on a trip to the Czech Republic. Only legally competent employees will be able to provide service to extend long-term visa without the presence of at Based on pre-prepared documents notarized. The best solution for the extension in Prague is the option of using a lawyer in Prague or services law firm.

Guarantees of legal and judicial properly documented with accompanying personal documents allow a foreigner to get a quick and effective results. Safety in the processing of visas in Prague is unusually high role, because introduced error or mistake can damage the further finding and living in the Czech Republic and the extension of visa. Procedures for pasting new visas for foreign nationals in the Czech police recently has undergone strong changes. The changes came in the issues and approaches the police force itself to the procedure of renewal. Requirements have become stricter, documents a foreigner in the Czech Republic should be drawn from the knowledge of the laws of residence and registration.


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