Experts See No More ECB Rate Hike

How goes it on with interest rate movements in Europe? Investors of still higher interest rates may forward or face with a load on borrowers? A few weeks ago was the base rate of the European Central Bank (short: ECB) lifted after a break of more than a year from 4.00% to 4.25%. The base rate of the ECB is critical to making interest rate the banks towards your customers. Both investments such as money or deposit accounts, but the interest rate of a loan are set on the basis of the valid interest rate. The financial times Germany carries out monthly interest rate survey, what international financial institutions are involved. Specifically it went at the last survey to the base rate of the ECB, or as experts assess the further development. After the last interest rate hike, it looks less good from the point of view of experts for a further interest rate increase.

Almost half of the survey participants (48%) expect a rate cut as a next step. This however also 40% are available, an interest rate increase expect. For a financial investment in the form of a tag account matching is the time thus. Most recently, banks such as Comdirect, the NetBank or the Norisbank adapted their interest rates on the money of the day clearly upwards. The interest rates are moving, thanks to strong competition in the financial market, significantly higher than the interest rate of the European Central Bank.

5.65% interest p.a. the Kaupthing is Bank day money from Iceland, which has a German subsidiary, on the front seats compared with interest. But German banks, such as Comdirect (a subsidiary of Commerzbank) or the NetBank to 5.00% p.a. or 5.10% p.a. more than convince. Last mentioned banks incidentally quarterly credit the interest on the money of the day, thus you profierten in addition of the compound interest effect. But not only the amount of interest should play an important role in the search for a day money offer. Make sure additional criteria such as safety of funds, account maintenance fees or minimum or maximum deposits. An overview numerous direct banks and day money gives you for example compared day money the Web page An article from P.Wittenbrink

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