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Often there are situations when designed corporate website (ie website) can not fully carry out the tasks for which it was created. In this case requires a thorough, detailed analysis performed by developing a corporate site for the correctness of his work, evaluating the effectiveness of functional corporate web site, compatibility of design and content, quality content site, etc. In this complex issue will help you understand the specialists web-design studio Oxigen (St. Petersburg), behind which a solid experience in web-development levels of complexity. A detailed analysis of corporate site should begin with the answers to several questions: – what the target audience for this corporate site is designed? – Whether designed corporate website design and functional needs of potential clients? – What are the benefits of your corporate website as compared to the sites of competitors? – Making it difficult to work with the best corporate website in the business process of the company? These questions should be directed not only to themselves himself. It is very important to survey the target audience of the site. Thus, you can identify yourself to the list of tasks to deal with evaluating the effectiveness of the corporate site. Let's start in order, with the definition of 'target audience of corporate site.

" The target audience of corporate website – a scoop upnost individuals interested in the information posted on this web-site to reduce the ignorance on the subject corporate website, which may be the result of the purchase of goods or services to your company. Efficient use of corporate web site as a way of sales, depending on how actively positioned products and services and whether they have a competitive advantage over similar goods and services on the websites of your competitors. Ask representatives of the target audience simple questions: – had the impression you have of first visit the corporate site? – If there are any you wish to stay or leave the site of the company and for what reasons? – Would you buy goods and services via the official website of the company and that would affect your decision purchase goods and services on this site? The answers to these, at first glance, the basic questions will help you identify strengths and weaknesses made the development of a corporate site.

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