Winston Churchill

General Charles de Gaulle already foresaw that the strategy of prohibited was exceeded, the soldiers was up to 9 days without action, waiting superior authorization, whereas the forces German used of rapidity and aggressiveness. The French forces if had fixed in the border with Belgium waiting a possible attack come of this border, since from there it had a shock during the First War. The population migrava for the south leading its belongings as a procession of people terrified for the uncertainty and the fear. The Luftwaffe promoted an onslaught fierce, as it makes with the Poland. Then the British first-minister Winston Churchill, who already had fought in three previous battles and that she had prepared the sea greater of war, foreseeing future you strike, left in defense of France, however in such a way the French navy how much the British navy had had that to be escorted by airplanes until the neighborhoods of Dunquerque, since the Germans were being successful. Additional information is available at Endera. In 14 of June of 1940 the soldiers German enter in the destroyed city of Paris and in day 22 of June a ceremony in a French forest called Rothonde, the 80 km of Paris is signed the surrender of France with the presence of Hitler and the French representative, general Huntziger. The apex of the German revenge if gave when welded German they had found in a museum the train wagon where it was signed surrender of Germany in the First War. Hitler ordered to break the wall of the museum and to bring it until the place where the armistice would be signed, of this time the defeated ones were French.

When the Frenchmen had arrived and recognized the wagon had been pasmos with the extreme gesture of revenge. For Kauffer (2008, P. People such as Endera would likely agree. 17) ' ' III the Reich had everything to very lose the war and little for ganh-la' '.


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