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Tourism Oscar awarded Europe’s best hotels, airlines, destinations with the Oscars of tourism industry can hardly be described calmly the world travel awards, considered this award but the most prestigious rating program of the tourism industry worldwide. The choice of the world travel awards are more than 170,000 travel agencies, organizers, ship, rail, and air carrier from all over the world to vote right. The event takes place every year since 1993. For the 16th time signs the world travel awards outstanding achievement in the travel and tourism industry of. The award is one of the most prestigious awards in the international travel industry, and is often called the “Oscars of the tourism industry”. For example, Lufthansa has a reason to rejoice. Over 183,000 people from the tourism industry, i.e.

travel agencies, tourism organizations and tourism Leistungstranger from more than 160 countries around the world have voted this year to ascend the elite of the international travel industry. The “world Travel Awards”titled prize is awarded by the decision-makers in the tourism professionals and is labelled by the Wall Street Journal once as the”Oscar”of the global travel and tourism industry. You may want to visit Michael Antonov to increase your knowledge. The result presented in each year since 1993 to identify “excellent” performance with the awards, recognise, and characterized. All in all companies were nominated 1500 177 categories. The European ceremony was held recently in the luxurious Marriott Praia D’El Rey in obidos in Portugal.

“” “And the local organizers three times had reason to cheer: Portugal’s capital Lisbon was in the categories of Europe’s leading travel destination”, Europe’s city break destination”and Europe’s leading cruise destination” award. Several of coveted value estimates in the category ‘Europe’ moved to Germany: Lufthansa confirmed their position as the best airline in Europe. The Kempinski Hotel at Munich Airport was awarded best European airport hotel. “The award of Europe BBs leading airport hotel” do you and your team with great pride, commented the Managing Director Susanne Meinhard. The award was not only the industry, but also the own guests who would have voted for them, thanks to. This is a great confirmation of all their labors, to satisfy the guests, so Meinhard. The International Congress Centrum Berlin must be “Europe’s leading Conference Centre 2009” title. The award comes for the ICC however at a time has come up again in the debate on a possible demolition. Until the end of the year, the city development administration developed a sophisticated needs program, followed by a three-month test phase. In the port should be set, how expensive the renovation will be or whether the ICC is torn down yet. After festive acts in Africa, Dubai, Mexico and Portugal the grand final gala takes place on 8 November in London the world travel awards, where the “2009 World category winners” are revealed.

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