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Any valves in the operation requires attention and of scheduled maintenance. Here we are, apparently, is again on the packing gland. 7) Long-term trouble-free operation. Ravi Menon may also support this cause. Described in Section 1 of the design of ball valve – constant pressing seat sealing surface to the surface of the ball, leading to what life is greatly reduced. The surface of the ball caps at the tap, which for a long time is in the "closed", "overgrow" contained in the transported medium solids, and it all has to "rip off" seal seat at every turn of the cork. Many firms have to resolve this issue install extra scrapers, which also wear out and fail to address the problem through. As output, and not wear a reversible seal seat, in the design of ball valves introduced the possibility for the sealing grease with high-pressure syringe. However, practice, the lubricant may have to file once and then it clogs the channels of coking coal and making them unsuitable for further use.

8) Low hydraulic resistance. Cranes, as well as valves, have a minimum hydraulic resistance, in contrast to the valves. 9) The absence of stagnant zones. Turn on a tap in the area between the casing and cap inevitably enters the working environment, but it does not affect the efficiency of cranes in Unlike gate valves, which prevent the deposition of solids moving gate. Manufacturers of cranes, promoting their products among the problems encountered in the operation of valves, often talked about: the need for an annual audit for stuffing glands, a longer time required for closing the pipeline in an emergency situation, the complexity in the lapping of sealing rings, not enough time trouble-free , larger size and weight, time-consuming repairs. All of the above to reduce the high cost of maintenance of valves and their repair.

It should be mentioned that the repair tap, especially traffic jams can not be outside conditions of the manufacturer, which is why they often do welded – that is, Non-Repair. Simply throw away than repair. Despite the increasing number of manufacturers of ball valves, aggressive advertising, customer buys a hard gate, providing a "bread and butter" for many companies is not very rich. The main reason – the valve has a relatively lower price compared to other types of valves, in addition to indispensable for the application of fluid temperature over 200 C. Analyzing the above, it can be concluded that, without prejudice to the obvious advantages, the main disadvantage of ball valves is a high cost. Indeed, in gates and valves sealing surfaces have a limited area in the form of rings, and only in ball valve, it increased to the entire surface of the ball caps, although contact saddle with a cork at the position of the crane "Closed" is the same as that of the gate a limited area in the form of a ring. The consumer has to "paid off" from his pocket a ball valve that luxury, as a "journey" seal of quality saddles on the surface of the ball cork, it being understood that this does not improve the tightness of the crane, but instead reduces the duration of its operation. It is therefore necessary to think, and whether to pay for it? Maybe the designers and inventors must change the design of the crane so that the ball valve of new design retains all its advantages, but was at a price commensurate with the cost of valves.

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