The Subway

Eyeing the situation, the approach with your questions to the officer or employee, that is, to show your interest in the surrounding society. Importantly, the first few days to prove itself as sociable and friendly 'guy-shirt. " Of course, you'll be in communion selective. And rightly so. But as for dating with girls better at first to come and speak to some sort of shabby and 'gray mouse', which do you think you liked, and at the same time, it is fleeting, not deprived of his bright smile and lovely ladies. Importantly, what would it look natural and relaxed. Today he met with one, two tomorrow – not hung up on communicating with certain girls. Being in a cafe at lunchtime, you can for example, sit down at a table to the ladies totally out of your office.

Give yourself more freedom of choice. Sooner or later all well acquainted with his staff. Imagine the following scene: in the morning, go to work and Vika (the employee), having met by chance at the exit of the subway, and nice talking to. You ahead of Natasha with whom you met yesterday dinner in the cafe, smiling nods to you. And if you do not notice, do not hesitate to call it, referring to some sort of request or question. Your business to attach to your Natasha and Vika conversation or politely, leaving Vick to continue to communicate with Natasha.

It does not matter whether the inferior Natasha on external indicators of whether or not Vick. The main thing to understand and make it clear to people that you are very interested in sorority. Of course, Vick will be puzzled, because her feelings will be affected. 'Why, I'm not used to such treatment for themselves, what impudent'. And then think: 'well it interesting personality. Curious! He likes me or he is to all the girls so cute on that? '. Vick is haunted by a woman's curiosity. You will become subject for discussion in the women's circle. The next time you want to talk to Vika, the conversation will be more lively as they were affected and involved important receptors of female nature: curiosity, then interest you. The operating principle of the presented version can be used in any other situation, as you know.

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