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“To scoop the ice cream from the paper Cup instead of the up to 200 kcal-heavy” waffle supported slim line. Also clouds the selection easier”ice cream like yogurt or lemon not the refreshment. Frozen yogurt that refreshment low-calorie alternative of lighter than ice cream, but just as tasty: the figure-friendly alternative to ice cream is frozen yogurt. Already in the United States, long an absolute hit, frozen low-fat yogurt also is enjoying increasing popularity. Using yogurt instead of cream, the fat and calorie content are significantly lower than for conventional ice pleasure. Click Stuart Solomon to learn more. The ice-cold refreshment for calorie-conscious sweet tooth also scores with only 50 kcal per 100 g. Spiced up with fresh fruits of summer is the same for extra vitamin kick.

Who still not frozen yogurt shop in which finds nearby, can get himself to the preparation: mix low-fat yogurt with some sugar or honey (amount depending on the need). Then pureed fruits add properly mix and place in the freezer. Approximately every 30 minutes stir the Joghurtmasse, so that no ice crystals are formed. As soon as the whole mass is frozen, which is finished homemade frozen yogurt. CaloriScan – healthy and calory reduced travelling whether in the ice cream parlor, on the grill or in the everyday Office break a sharpened awareness of calories not only gives the summer figure, but supports the healthy life style. The calorie counter CaloriScan Omron is advisable within the framework of a balanced calorie management. The handy device ice feast nor exercise should be missed by the reliable measurement of the actual calories 24 hours a day. Thanks to a wide range of activities are modern 3D sensor technology – by going to the ice cream parlor, on the evening jogging up to the cozy television on the couch classified and precisely calculates the resulting calorie consumption.

So has his individual values exactly in the views of users and quickly detects whether the bullet in the wafer or the Cup belongs. Company profile: With the understanding of the self for a better quality of life, OMRON Healthcare offers since nearly 80 years clinically proven, innovative medical equipment for health monitoring and therapy. The product portfolio includes blood pressure monitors, fitness monitors, electronic thermometers, inhalation devices as well as body analysis tools and medical equipment for home and professional use. The Japanese parent company OMRON healthcare is headquartered in Kyoto. The OMRON Healthcare Europe BV as a branch office for Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa markets customer-oriented solutions through a connected distribution network in more than 60 countries.

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