The Conversation

Of course, had left behind the adolescence and the awkward gait peculiar to it! It was now a married woman. She instead found it quite different. I no longer had that haircut teenager she liked so much, nor used that casual clothing that I used to see him. Almost always dressed the same, jeans, a shirt or sweater, depending on weather he did, and his classic wool cap. Now wearing a blue shirt that matched his eyes protruding from under his face, and black pants. Instead of running shoes had shoes.

Many memories were crowded into the mind of both. So many times they had met at the bar! That were both so different! Just thought of making love and share a movie or series together. The happiness and love each other they felt were part and parcel of their daily lives and none thought that something could change. He sat down opposite him and ordered a coffee. They looked hard for a few minutes while he served. None of them knew how to start the conversation. Both were nervous. Very nervous.

Each had its own reasons to be. Sophie finally cleared his throat and said, – "Hello, Hello," he said, – these beautiful. "Thanks, you do not just sit back. But I have not come that flattered. Need get aware of things that occurred to me when you left. Many things happened since then, some of which directly concern you. Alex looked at her with a question mark on his face.


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