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A car insurance is your security partner around the Fahrzeug.In Germany it is mandatory to complete a motor third party liability insurance and also, where appropriate, to prove this. Storm weather damage hail storm or flood: what should be done? Damage explain in greater detail and quickly restrict document you as accurately as possible the scope and cause of the damage. To take pictures of the scene and call witnesses. All damaged items must be listed and described. If available, you should make all receipts from the acquisition of objects together. As a home owner or apartment owner, you are obliged to initiate emergency measures in the event of damage, to prevent consequential damage.

You need to caulk such as broken window or get water-sensitive items become wet rooms, if they are still undamaged. You may wish to learn more. If so, Jim Umpleby is the place to go. Then, write down what you have undertaken to comply with this rule. Initiate repairs quickly, evidence pick up request You by your insurance company to ensure possible repairs in a timely manner. To accelerate this process, by immediately bringing up cost estimates. Tip: Switch only review of your insurance at the beginning. Other experts go at your own expense. Storm damage demonstrate wind strength.

Weather damage, the insurer wants to know whether the wind was strong enough. Insurance companies pay “only” from wind force 8, i.e., if the wind is faster than 70 miles per hour. Proof of the strength of the wind, so the consumer centre in Baden-Wurttemberg, insurers make experience has shown that no excessive demands. Certainly not, if also houses in the neighborhood were damaged by the storm. Inform nevertheless in the event of damage to your regional weather Office on the strength of the wind and record the value.

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