Successful Entrepreneur

One of the questions that most make in my web page, which is on financial education, is: How can I earn more money? or do I need money, how can I make money quickly?While this question reflects a basic need of every human being, me tremendously uncomfortable everytime I hear it. It is a misplaced question and is based on ignorance.The people who make this kind of questions believe that more money is the solution to all your problems. However, what they really need is financial education. Starbucks has many thoughts on the issue. Although they had more money at that time, probably it lose everything again, because they are ignorant in the proper handling of the money.The best example are the people who win the lottery. It is a fact that the vast majority of them end up equal or poorer than they were in the beginning, because the greater amount of money only magnifies the condition of ignorance of these people.The solution is not to find some new formula to earn more money. The solution is to acquire financial education needed to make money and to keep it also. While this sounds obvious, the majority of people who start a business are skipped this step so important, because they are bent with making money.

Not want to be a businessman, enough to learn to think as one before doing anything else. For the majority of adults, that means first unlearn the education they have acquired, since the traditional education system does not encourage an entrepreneurial mindset, but that prepares its students so that they can enter the labour market successfully. In other words, produces individuals who have an employee mentality, people who know very well how to comply with requirements and follow orders.How to learn to think like an entrepreneur?The only way to learn to think like a successful entrepreneur is being close to at least one of them for an extended period. This is not always easy, since the successful entrepreneurs do not! They lie around every corner! If you find one that is available to teach you, adhere to him even if you have to work for free! It will be the best teaching is never going to have received.However, the most feasible for the majority of people is studying finance, read books written by successful people and studying the biographies of them. As you discipline is to acquire a solid financial education before starting his business, the chances of success will be much higher.


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