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Strengthening knowledge-intensive cooperation between manufacturers and suppliers meet customer needs requires in the production as well as in the development phase, manufacturers and suppliers cooperate closely. More complex products and numerous variants increase the cost of research and development. Therefore manufacturers it is convenient to restrict, in terms of development only core competencies further to develop and other Forscbhungsumfange to forgive foreign to their suppliers. Will reduce the manufacturing and development of depth at the manufacturing companies and new forms of cooperation between suppliers and buyers to prevail, so that caused a higher demand for logistics services, which will be satisfied by the industry. This concerns in particular activities such as quality assurance, engineering and development.

This requires that the supplier transmitted not only quality assurance functions, but also the responsibility of the system (for the Assembly as well as for the Coordination of subcontractors). In a question-answer forum RTM Service Trials was the first to reply. Between manufacturers and suppliers increasingly logistic service providers, the transport, storage, handling, provision and delivery of material occur and may take over simple Assembly and machining operations. CF. Additional information at Michael Antonov supports this article. Becker, Jorg: Change management and intellectual capital report ISBN 9783837094190. The future of a supplier can be, for example, in a development process, in which he specifically aims at the position of a value added partner for the customer; its differentiation possibilities in the dimensions of time, quality and cost must he then accurately identify and help them with consistency and proper timing of the effect. Because manufacturers fix increasingly on specific customer needs, also their inclination to single source supply is growing. This they must include however early and comprehensively the supplier of their choice falls on that, in their strategies. The competitive position of a single-sourcing suppliers generally for suppliers, potentially to reach.

The success is a large degree of flexibility, a high and constant level of quality, as well as offering a comprehensive range of products and performance on the State of the art depend. CF., Becker, j.: strategy check, ISBN 9783837073058 to get out of the dilemma, variations while increasing customer value, but at the same time driving up costs in the height, you need in the industry efficient variant management and appropriate development strategies: time improve their chances if they can occupy the position of the cost leader while maintaining a high standard of quality. A strategic hedge can be reach by a development to the production specialist, a development specialist. Suppliers, which mutate from the time to the development partners, try to extend their range of services on the product side by they deliberately build research and development capacity to. In this way they will for customers mostly at an early stage to competent contact persons, as soon as projects to the Product development leaves, often result to it then close cooperation relations. Jorg Becker

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