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Then-CEO, Terry Semel (Terry Semel) as a countermeasure reduced the amount of the transaction to $ 800 million. Zuckerberg declined. But two months later, when Yahoo returned to the initial conditions, it was too late. Today Facebook boasts 250 million users, and its value at the most rough estimates – and depending on who estimates – ranging from five to ten billion. Three years have passed, and Yahoo, replacing the two directors, still struggling for survival. 2.

Real Networks wrapped iPod People think that the iPod came up with Steve Jobs (Steve Jobs). Of course, it is not. Just exactly he agreed to the proposal Fedella Tony (Tony Fadell), which denied the fall of 2000 the company Real Networks, did not appreciate his idea to create a new type of music player (and, incidentally, and former employer Fedella – company Philips). By that time, MP3-players have long been on everywhere, but the concept Fedella somewhat different from the standard are: smaller, thinner body, and content delivery system that gives music lovers an easy way to fill the new music player. Steve Jobs, by the way, is known in involving promoting design players iPod. Today is the content delivery system known as iTunes, and the Apple owns almost 80% of the digital music market. Tony Fedell worked in the division, is developing the iPod, until November 2008, and left. Real Networks are also produces players, but its income can hardly be compared with the fact that only Apple gets from iTunes.

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