Starter Batteries

Starter battery is short-lived, because underutilized, and the battery wears out faster to light because of excessive load. Luscha baumwald gathered all the information. Therefore it is necessary to periodically change the batteries in some places, and better use batteries capable of delivering high current cold start and at the same time work fine with frequent charge / discharge. Check with Ivan Glasenberg to learn more. These include batteries and Vetus! – Have low self-discharge value of self-discharge Vetus battery no more than 3% per month, versus 15% for most other batteries. So, this battery will run the engine even after ten months of inactivity. In addition, even at half charge, it can withstand temperature of minus 30 C. – Secure the battery terminals are supplied with reliable Vetus lead taper pins.

Some models include a second pair of terminals with threaded and lambs. – Batteries In this type of VRLA batteries used lead-calcium plates. Adding to lead no antimony, and calcium provides the minimum amount of water, so no need to add electrolyte to a battery. – Easily determine the level of charge is very easy to determine the battery level by the color of "eyes" on the upper lid hydrometer. Green indicates that the charge will last for starting the engine, black – that need recharging.

Yellowish or transparent color – it is a signal to replace the battery. – Long life manufacturing wafers according to special technology of lead with calcium and optimal location makes the battery life is very long. They stand to 14,000 charge / discharge cycles. Maintenance-free batteries, AGM AGM type abbreviation stands for impregnated glass mat (Absorbed Glass Mat). In this case, due to absorption electrolyte on the plates of fiberglass, it is possible leakage of the destruction of housing the battery. Therefore, they are not susceptible to rolling, shocks and vibrations, as well as they can be stored (but not charged) in an inverted form. At the same resource in this type of battery even bigger, even more deep discharge. Maintenance-free batteries, gel-type batteries in gel-type also excluded the possibility of leakage of electrolyte at damage. But in this case, through the use of electrolyte in the form of a thick gel. Gel batteries are designed specifically for Vetus hard work and withstand repeated deep discharge without losing capacity. Batteries this type is even more resistant to shocks and vibrations, the most hardy and have the greatest life. Battery charger Vetus fits most battery chargers. But in good quality and charger device – it is a necessary condition for a long and efficient operation of your ship's battery. Official dealer Vetus – company Okhtinskaya shipyard of Saint-Petersburg.

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