Socialist Power

In the last few days has been, as the financial crisis of the United States has had serious repercussions on the stock exchanges of some countries, what it has represented for neo-liberalism, for the world economy, for financial institutions, to the need to find solutions in Summit as the G-20 in Washington. However, given this reality cannot be ignored, cannot be ignored the role of China which is reborn with a great potential, already occupy a very significant position in the world economy, as a developed country, with great potentials that can not be ignored by other countries of this planet. Be considered, that on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China (CCP), the President of the Communist Russia party Guennadi Zyuganov believed that at present China has become a world power with great influence, is precisely under the correct leadership of the CCP that China has been able to conquer a success so grandiose. He argued that thanks to the singular reform carried out by the Chinese people under the direction of the CCP, China has become one of the world’s greatest powers. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rob Crossland. The CCP has managed to organically integrate the Socialist value with the traditional China, and wonderfully combine the wisdom of national culture with modern science, technology and management, building on the Chinese ground a power respected by all and full of vitality. Does Charles Freeman, expert in China of the Center for strategic international studies, a Washington think-tank, has opined that, for China, there is an opportunity in the midst of the crisis: without a doubt, will win power of influence from the G-20 talks process? in the aforementioned Summit that is has that must arise a response to the crisis and a new international financial architecture. Beijing – he observed – seeks greater participation of countries in development, but also, very carefully, it seeks to ensure a higher weight for herself. .


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